10 Years a Professional Bridesmaid

June 28, 2018

Always the bridesmaid

Have you ever heard the saying “always the bridesmaid, never the bride?” If you’re like me, then you hear this approximately 45 times a week. Complete strangers look at me with a face etched with worry when I tell them I’ve been a bridesmaid no less than FOUR times! Apparently I’m doomed – any more than twice and no man from here to Timbucktoo will come anywhere near me (might not be the worst thing) and I’ll end up like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses.

With a right bit of experience under my belt, I thought I would share some top tips on how to survive some of the trials and tribulations of bridesmaid life.

Hen Party

I don’t know about you, but the minute I’m asked to accompany my right hand gal down the aisle, my first thought is always the hen party! One final hurrah for that special girl in your life, surrounded by her nearest and dearest…. what could possibly go wrong?

I could write an entire blog post dedicated to one hen who thought I had managed to book her a room all to herself for £70 on a Saturday night in Dublin. She then tried to sell her space in a double room to a complete stranger because “she doesn’t do sharing” and swiftly dropped out. But that’s for another day 😉

With this in mind, will be your best friend. They give the option of booking rooms with a free cancellation and give your girls the chance to save up for the weekend without having to pay until the day. I’ve always found their customer service to be brilliant as well if you have any issues that can’t be resolved online.

The Dresses

First dress appointment with a bride = super fun! Second dress appointment with a bride = still super fun! Third dress appointment with a bride = Still fun! Twenty ninth dress appointment = Just pick one, anything will do… they all look good, I’ll make you one out of my granny’s net curtain and call it couture.

If your bride is indecisive, I hate to break it to you, but the only way out is to breathe. It’s the most difficult shopping trip she’ll ever go on, and having a grumpy bridesmaid in the corner won’t help. This is one of those times you have to put your big girl pants on and smile. She’ll find the right one eventually, you just have to be patient and help her make the right decision.


When it comes to being someone’s bridesmaid, there’s nothing I love more than pulling all the fine details together but this doesn’t come without a price tag.

Whether it’s the hen party expenditures, recovery kits, paying for hair and makeup trials, or giving them personal gifts on the morning of the wedding, being a bridesmaid can be expensive. Try and keep this in mind during the run up to the wedding and try to save a little each week so it doesn’t come as a massive shock that you can’t afford. Places like Primark, Home Bargains and New Look do some great wedding keepsakes that look way more expensive than they are!

On the day

The Big Day has finally arrived after months of planning, shopping, trawling through Pinterest and drinking prosecco to celebrate every milestone. The day your bridesmaid duties really matter and you have to help your bestie through one of the most exciting and important days of her life!

Of course there’s the ceremony itself and the big reveal down the aisle. The first time I was bridesmaid, aged 16 without a clue, I practically sprinted down the aisle and almost pushed my sister who was also a bridesmaid into one of the guests. So take your time, sache down that aisle at a snail’s pace and put your best smile on before your bride makes her entrance!

Throughout the day you’ll be needed for photographs, top table banter, making a speech (if you’re brave enough), helping the bride with her dress but in my book, the number one rule for bridesmaids is to keep that dancefloor packed for the duration of the reception.

Bar the styling, and the food, I always think what stands out for people is the party. So as a top bridesmaid, grab your dancing shoes and get everyone involved whether it’s a slow dance with the bride’s granda, or busting a move to Miley Cyrus with the kids and make sure your bestie’s wedding is one to remember!

P.S. None of the gorgeous girls I’ve been bridesmaid for made it to wedding dress shop 29, and you’re all worth every penny 😉 L xx


{Image credit: Charlotte Hu via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings}

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