11 Things You Should Know Now You’re The Bride To Be!

January 5, 2016
Wedding planning advice for brides

Were you the lucky recipient of a diamond ring over the festivities? If that was you and you’re now on the road to planning the biggest day of your life, here are 11 pieces of secret advice that you need to know.

1. Wearing a ring on your finger will be weird, for a while. True fact, just you wait to see how opening the car door will become a strange thing to do, how you’ll always touch the band at the back with your thumb for reassurance and how you’ll never want to take it off! Take a tip from us, do take it off, when you’re doing certain things like cleaning, you don’t want it loosing it’s sparkle! Also remember to add it onto the valuables of your house insurance, just in case.

2. You and your groom will probably disagree. Let’s face it there’s not a great deal of gents out there who have the faintest idea of how they want their wedding to look and feel, but as small as his preconceptions and ideas are when you really get down to the nitty gritty, he will have his opinion! Whether or not you agree with them will be the real test, working things out and compromising will be needed on both parts.

3. Never forget you and your groom are number one in the planning decisions, do your day, your way. It can be hard to ignore other peoples advice and ideas, especially if they are contributing financially to the wedding, but stand strong and go with what you believe in. You’ll make a much nicer bride that way!

4. You will get days when planning your wedding might become overwhelming. It’s totally natural to feel up tight and precious over your big day, you just need to learn to keep a level head and continue on. If things start to get you down do positive things to work out any problems, write to-do lists (I am a big believer in lists!), call your mate for a chat or have a walk, just clear your head and come back to anything that feels like a problem later.

5. On the other hand you might become super organised – or not!

6. Don’t forget that outside of your bubble life is still continuing on for everyone else, don’t bury your head so deep and forget the world! I’d encourage you to plan ‘wedding free’ nights and even weekends so that you can really enjoy your engagement with your fiancé and family.

7. Your day might be completely different to what your first thought – and that’s totally okay. Sure, you might have had visions of planning your five year old selfs dream wedding, but your taste’s change as you get older, it’s okay to leave the five year old dreams at the door and go for a 30-something chic vision instead!

8. You will have doubts. Did I choose the right dress, are my colours right for all the bridesmaids, will the guests enjoy themselves… you will always question yourself. Don’t go dwelling on all these random thoughts they’re simply nerves and nerves are totally natural! As long as you end up with a husband on your wedding day that’s what matters most.

9. Choose the best people to be your helpers. We’re talking your mums, best friends and family who will wholeheartedly give their honest opinion, won’t trash you in your favourite wedding dress and won’t make you feel rubbish about your decisions. If you’ve an older, uglier, jealous nasty sister leave her at home!

10. Don’t try to be someone else on your wedding day, be the best you, ever. The prettiest brides are those who feel comfortable in their own skin and wear it with pride. No unrecognisable transformations please.

11. Finally, you will feel a little miserable after the day is done. Well, do you know what, you shouldn’t you’ve got the best prize, a new husband and a brand new chapter of life to live! Yes, it’s fine to feel a little flat after the most magical day but think about the first time you see your wedding photos, the first viewing of your wedding film (we advise tissues, lots of tissues), your first anniversary – all these special occasions will make any flatness disappear. We would suggest holding your honeymoon off for a few months after the day, this gives you something really special to look towards.

Now, off you go and be the best bride you possibly can be!


{Featured image: Sarah and Fergal’s Castle Leslie Estate wedding by The Lous}

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