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Blogging Bride 2016: Introducing Jess & Andrew

March 2, 2016
Blogging Bride 2016: Jess & Andrew

Life will take you to unexpected places, love will bring you home.

Meeting my Mr Wright (literally)

Hi, I’m Jess and my fiancé is called Andrew. I am 21 years old and study in Edinburgh.

Andrew and I have known each other since we were little toddlers. It was not love at first sight however. We spent our years growing up in church together but barely ever spoke. His family was full of boys and I was the shy girly-girl so I tended to stay clear. I used to sit in with the adults when the other church children would head out for adventures with Andrew as the leader. I actually really disliked Andrew, he was loud and assertive!

Fast forward around 14 years and that was when the real story began. Andrew and I ended up randomly chatting after church about the movie ‘Shutter Island’. A few days later Andrew messaged me on MSN (remember those good old days?) and we didn’t stop chatting for 5 months. It slowly moved onto Facebook but never once did he ask for my number. He used to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy so he would have a reason to talk to me whilst I kept myself online continuously (but of course I signed in and out once he was online so my name came up). I thought it was just friendship because we never even continued to talk at church, so no one knew. However, after a lot of prompting and hinting, during a game of ’20 questions’ the last one asked if I would go out with him. Of course I excitedly accepted.

I knew all of his family and even led a children’s club with his mother….so it came as a surprise to the whole church. However, the second I snuck out to the car for our first date I knew this guy was the one for me. I was only 16 at the time but very strong willed. It was like I was spending time with my best friend all day.  The next 6 years have flown by and the rest, as they say, is history.

Blogging Bride 2016: Jess & Andrew

Moving Away

The one thing I love about our relationship is laughter. We laugh all the time. We also bicker continuously (he deserves it!). We are polar opposites. He loves computers and graphs; I study language and love shopping. He is a farmer; I wear white converses on the farm.

After 2 years together, I found out I hadn’t got into University in Northern Ireland so I packed my bags and headed for Bonnie Scotland. I knew I was about to spend 4 long years away from Andrew. We cried on the phone when I told him I was going but then a few minutes later he said “I am going to visit every 3 weeks”, and you know what? He has!

Being away from each other is different. You don’t get to see each other when you want and when you do it is for a couple of days. I could not think of a more supportive guy to be by my side. He has never complained about me being away but instead encourages my education. He has never complained about the money he spends on flights but books them when I need him. We have good night calls and Skype dates to watch TV shows together! Being apart has shown how pure and purposeful communication can strengthen a relationship.

Blogging Bride 2016: Jess & Andrew


Andrew and I love travelling and doing adventures together. We flew off to Thailand in May 2014 to see more of this beautiful world. Everyone said he was going to propose there and I started to get so nervous. I even searched his luggage once we got there. Turns out he had the ring in his pocket the whole flight…I was 2 inches away!!

3 days into the 3-week holiday, we went to a place called Surin Beach. Andrew decided that day that the beach was perfect. We went back to the hotel that afternoon and Andrew went indoors to do some computer programming. I got really angry as he was leaving me alone and he wasn’t even stepping outside. Later that day, we decided to go see the sun set. He was acting so strange but it never clicked with me – I knew there wasn’t a ring in sight.

He brought me down to Surin Beach and onto the rocks. Everyone else seemed to clear away then. I was taking pictures with my camera when Andrew got really quiet. I had never seen him nervous before and that was when I realised he was going to propose. He slowly got down on one shaky knee, told me he loved me, and asked if I would become Mrs Jessica Eve Wright. To be honest he said more but I can’t remember – I was too hysterical. In true ‘Jess’ style I actually couldn’t wait for him to put the ring on my finger so grabbed it myself! I then continued to hyperventilate for the next 2 hours. The second Andrew proposed I just realised how unbelievably happy I was, how wonderful Andrew continues to be, and that being a wife was exactly what I wanted. I have never felt so happy.

He picked out the ring himself and I just loved it. I stare at it every single night even nearly 2 years on. We spent the next 3 weeks in engagement bliss with only family and a couple of close friends knowing which was the best decision. It made the engagement so about ‘us’.

Blogging Bride 2016: Jess & Andrew

Blogging Bride 2016: Jess & Andrew

Do you hear the wedding bells?

I knew I wouldn’t be home for another 2 years after he proposed. I had picked out a date when I was still in Thailand, the 16th July, and stuck to it. I graduate the week before as well which is going to be hectic but wonderful!

In my student flat, all of us are engaged (5 of us in total) so it has been an extremely exciting time with magazines, blogs, and pinteresting. I am a wedding fanatic. My dream job is to be a bridal shop owner or wedding planner. I loved weddings far before I was even engaged. Therefore, I knew it wasn’t going to be a small event. I also have a massive family which meant a larger venue.

We started looking at marquees, caterers, etc. But wow, the cost was more than my student loan so it just didn’t seem right.

We want everything in the wedding to mean something. We chose the Lough Erne Resort because we spent our summers up there with my family and Andrew taught me to wakeboard. My church, Omagh Baptist, was where the whole story began and my sister was the architect for it. There isn’t really a theme but we are just putting in everything we love. I want our friends and family to have a fun, relaxed, exciting day but most of all great food! I want to celebrate being home for good and promising to spend my life with my favourite guy.

Anyway, I have said more than enough.


Jess x

{Featured image: Adam & Grace Photography}

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