Beard + Mane: Behind The Lens

September 30, 2015
Beard + Mane

Another misty morning can mean only one thing, we’re in for a great autumn day. I adore this time of year, it’s definitely my favourite. This morning I’ve a pretty special pair to introduce you to. Last week we featured the North Coast engagement session of Peggy and Phil by this talented double act and today we’re going to learn a little more about the photographers, Kerry and David Salisbury, or Beard + Mane.

Beard + Mane

How did Beard + Mane begin?

Kerry: Around the time that David and I started dating, my parents bought me my first DSLR and it became a bit of an appendage to our relationship. After lugging it around on our adventures for a couple of years we realised we’d become quite attached to it. Come 2014, and after our own wedding day, we decided to formalise our passion for pictures.

David: Believe it or not, a couple of our friends have always had a deep admiration for our hair! About a year ago they asked us to take their engagement photos, and after a celebratory feast of pulled pork and sweet potato fries, Beard + Mane Photography was born! Our first love was photography, but after a chance encounter we fell into making wedding films as well and so far that’s been an excellent divergence for us. We think of ourselves as a pop-up equivalent to a traditional photography/videography business. We’re always a little over-enthusiastic, totally flexible and we never know where we’ll end up.

Beard + Mane

What are your favourite things about capturing memories through a lens? 

Kerry: We love being creative together! The opportunity to hang out with each other and to make something beautiful is a real gift. It feels really special that we get to share together in those pivotal moments of other people’s lives. We also just really enjoy meeting new people! A big part of it for us is getting to know the people on the other side of the camera, but we find that our best shots always happen when they forget the camera is there. If you think of your favourite pictures, they’re not necessarily the ones in which you look perfect; they’re the ones that capture moments when you felt totally and utterly joyful. Those are the photos and films we want to create and capture. We love hanging out, and if we get to take pictures too then all the better.

Beard + Mane

Beard + Mane


You’re pretty much newlyweds yourselves, how did your day go?

Kerry: Our wedding day was amazing! But I imagine (and hope!) everyone feels that way. We planned it in around four months so we didn’t have loads of time to worry about the details. The day just seemed to pass by in a wonderful haze of gingerbread and glory. The church service itself was so important to us – we wanted it to be special and reverent, and to reflect our personalities and our faith – I can’t even count how many people helped us to achieve those things but we couldn’t be more grateful. It felt perfect. Our evening reception was at Grace Hall and was loosely Christmas Market themed. We were very blessed by a family member who happens to be a set designer, so we had next to no input in decoration and everything looked completely fabulous. We enjoyed it with every inch of energy we had. It was the most wonderful day at the most wonderful time of year.

Beard + Mane

If you could relive the day would you do anything differently?

David: I don’t know if I would have done anything differently…. I perhaps would have eaten less dinner! When it came to dessert (little cakes made by the magnificent Man Made), I was already stuffed! Because we only had a few months to plan, we didn’t always have time to consider every alternative. If we found something we liked, we just ran with it. I think that’s the sort of attitude we want to take into our photography as well. We prepare as much as possible, but sometimes things change on the day and you just have to go with it! We had a really amazing time on our wedding day – the perfect combination of excitement and informality.

Kerry: Our photographers and videographer were a big part of our decision to establish our little business. They were great craic to be around and caught everything beautifully. We did a first look and that was wonderful – it was such a dream getting a sneak peak of one another before it all began.

Beard + Mane


Do you think there are key ingredients for a successful wedding day?

David: I think it’s so important that the couple don’t feel pressured to spend their day doing anything that isn’t exactly right for them. Tradition can be a wonderfully moving thing, but there really are no rules. It’s your wedding day, so just do whatever makes you grin from ear to ear. I also think it’s vital to have an amazing best man (or maid of honour!) to take care of things on the day, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. I had four!

Beard + Mane

Do you think there is any secret formula to a successful marriage?

David: That’s a great question! When my sister got engaged, there was an older couple sitting at the next table, and the husband-of-sixty-years leant over to give them his winning formula: ‘Never stop courting’, he said, and I thought that was sweet. As Christians we feel like we never would have got to where we are now without God’s help. We put so much into our wedding ceremony because we wanted to celebrate his part in our lives. For us, that’s what it’s all about. I’ve also become something of an artist when it comes to exploiting Kerry’s weakness for Percy Pigs!

Beard + Mane

Is there anything you haven’t done, that you would like to?

Kerry: We’d love to do a first look! We had so much fun at our own that we’d love to share that with another couple and for sure if someone wanted us to do that in some jaw dropping beautiful far flung location we’d be keen for that too!

David: I’d love to shoot an outdoor ceremony! It’s a gamble for sure with the weather but if the light’s right it could really pay off!

Beard + Mane

What wedding trends are you loving at the minute?

Kerry: We love how brave couples are being. People are trying really hard to ensure their personalities are reflected in their weddings, which is so brilliant. It makes you sort of wonder why anyone would do it any other way! However big or small the wedding, the best ones are always those that have been lovingly planned by both bride and groom.

David: I think it’s great that lots of couples, particularly those on a tight budget, aren’t trying to do a super-fancy, formal shebang. Sometimes the most memorable weddings are the intimate, yurt-in-the-garden, ceremony-on-hay-bails ones. We were at an amazing wedding recently, where on several occasions the generator packed up and all the electricity went out! The band just carried on, louder than ever – we all started clapping and kept dancing in the dark!

Anything exciting in the pipeline for Beard + Mane? 

We’re hoping to embark on an exciting project getting people back into their wedding apparel and talking about wedding and marriage (we don’t just mean brides and grooms!).

A huge thanks to Kerry and David from Beard + Mane, I think you’ll agree the future is very bright for this awesome couple! 

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