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Behind the Lens: Sarah Bryden Photography

February 1, 2017
Sarah Bryden Photography, Behind The Lens | The Promise NI

Good morning and welcome to February! I read yesterday that January is only a practice run for the year, and I think I’m going to embrace that and start this month with a fresh outlook and some new dreams.

Today we’re welcoming back a much loved feature that we haven’t had on the blog for over a year – Behind the Lens – which today comes from Omagh based wedding photographer, Sarah Bryden.

How did you become a wedding photographer, Sarah? 

I had always wanted to be a journalist from a young age. I loved to write and tell stories so I did my qualifications for that and then used it to move into PR. It was in my job with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company that I found my love for the camera. I began photographing the dancers in rehearsals and wanted to do more and more. So now, I feel like my background in journalism, the arts and dance has all made me the photographer that I am today. I’m still a storyteller except now it is with a camera instead of a pen!

Sarah Bryden Photography, Behind The Lens | The Promise NI

What are your favourite things about capturing special wedding memories through a lens? 

For me it’s the people that I meet. I love getting to know my couples and I really feel like part of the family by the end of the day! After all, it’s a happy occasion so it’s important that everyone enjoys it! And that really comes across in the photographs.

Tell us about your wedding day…

We had snow! I’m a November bride and expected rain but woke up to a blanket of snow. Thankfully it was the very first day of the horrendous snow of 2010 so all my guests still managed to come but it did mean we didn’t get on our honeymoon. I wore a Sassi Holford dress of my dreams and we got married in my husbands little country church.

Thinking back to your own wedding, would you do anything differently or approach planning in another way? 

I think we nailed it. We had the best day, full of laughter and really just a good party! We kept it simple and focused on making sure everyone had a good day, and that’s what I tell my couples. Don’t get hung up on the little details, they don’t really matter. Just enjoy it all!

Sarah Bryden Photography, Behind The Lens | The Promise NI

What do you think are the key ingredients for a great wedding day? 

Good food, good music, good people! And just do it your way, have a day that represents you both.

Have you any secrets you share with wedding couples that you’d like to share with us? 

It’s not really a secret but I tell every couple the same thing. If you get to your ceremony and you’re both there and you come out married then it has been a perfect day! It doesn’t matter if your flowers aren’t right or the cake falls over (yes this has happened!), the most important thing is each other and the commitment you are making.

Sarah Bryden Photography, Behind The Lens | The Promise NI

Do you think there is any secret formula to a successful marriage?

Communication. You have to talk to each other and that’s never more important than when times get tough. Never be afraid to have the difficult conversations because they will keep you connected and close.

What wedding trends are you loving at the minute?

I’m loving the focus on back detail in bridal dresses and seeing more sleeves. I also love the understated bridal look that is becoming more popular. For me, its fantastic that couples are putting a lot more emphasis on their photographs. They’re really thinking about locations and details which makes my job more fun. I’m also so impressed with the use of technology, recently a wedding had their own snapchat filter!


Is there anything you haven’t done that you would like to? 

There are lots of venues that I haven’t shot in and would like to. I’d love to shoot in Orange Tree House or Virginia Park Lodge for example. Other than that, I would love to shoot an alternative outdoors wedding, like in a forest or somewhere. Epic locations are always beautiful regardless of weather!

What’s in the pipeline for Sarah Bryden Photography?

I’m working on a new website – not sure if that is considered exciting? But I will be doing more helpful blogs for my couples and their wedding planning. I’m also doing a 52 week personal photography project this year. I think it’s important to always be loving your photography, working on your skills and creativity outside of the business and paid work. It always makes us better photographers for our couples in the end and that’s so important to me. Happy clients equals happy me!

A huge thanks to Sarah for taking the time to share her world with us. To see more of her work visit, and follow her Instagram photography project at @sarahbrydenphotography.

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