Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre’s Hen Party

July 5, 2018

Last time we caught up with Deirdre she unfortunately had to go through surgery on her thumb, but otherwise wedding planning was shaping up nicely. Today we’re getting a little sneak inside her hen parties… the real fun starts here! 

Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre's Hen Party

Sangria & Sandra Dee

When the hen party conversations started, I told my bridesmaids that I didn’t want any surprises and was more than happy to be involved in the planning, but as expected, they told me it was none of my business and to just trust them (fair play).  Although, to stop me from coming out in a nervous rash (I know, how much of a nightmare am I?), they did reassure me that my hen would be in Ireland and it will be a weekend in March. Little did I know that would just be one of my hens.

My bridesmaids, sister and Mum surprised me with a trip to Madrid four weeks before my ‘actual’ hen. To maximize the fun (for them) the ‘grand reveal’ was one of the most ridiculous and over-the-top scenes I’ve ever witnessed…

Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre's Hen Party

I got home one day from town and the house was eerily quiet until David RACED towards me in a full-blown bull-fighting costume. I immediately froze (useful to know that in times of complete fear, I’m a freezer – always thought I’d be a fight or flight kind of person) and then the girls ran out of the kitchen chanting “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!” waving Spanish flags and wearing moustaches! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what the connection to moustaches was but it was genuinely one of the most hilarious moments of my life.

Once my heart rate returned to normal, Mum had everyone laughing when she opened up about how she had been so worried all day because she thought she gave away the surprise by asking me to bring home some Chorizo earlier that day (for the paella she was going to make). As if I would make the connection between a chorizo and a surprise weekend in Madrid?! 

Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre's Hen Party

We had the best time in Madrid, it is such a cool city and was lovely to have some quality time with my bridesmaids before the run up to the wedding. My highlight had to be cycling around Madrid in a Beer Bike tour, drinking sangria and getting a questionable dance from the driver! We also went to the most amazing Turkish baths to detox from all the sangria, which was so relaxing and just what we all needed! 

Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre's Hen Party

A few weeks later, it was time for my Irish hen in Carrick-on-Shannon which was definitely one of the best weekends of my life. Having all my friends from different periods of my life all under the one roof really was priceless. The Friday night was spent playing games which were hilarious, despite the fact that David and I scored 3 out of 10 in the Mr & Mrs Quiz which I’m sure made everyone quietly question our compatibility. The theme  on the Saturday was “Grease Lightning”. I dressed up as Sandra Dee because I was completely obsessed with her as a child. Although when it came down to it,  I was a bit hesitant about squeezing into high waisted, skin tight, leather trousers on the Saturday morning after spending the previous night drinking prosecco and eating cocktail sausages until 6am – why couldn’t Sandy have worn an elasticated waistband? To complete my outfit, Marie-Claire, my Maid of Honour, surprised me with a personalised leather jacket and sash from the talented Samantha at April Road!

Blogging Bride 2018: Deirdre's Hen Party

The day started off with a boat cruise along the River Shannon where we had the DJ’s head wrecked to play the Grease mega-mix on repeat, followed by a hilarious game of “CSI Save the Groom” which involved running around Carrick on Shannon performing tasks to solve the “mystery” over where my groom had gone! We must have looked totally ridiculous – a host of pink ladies, Danny Zuko, beauty school dropouts, the Rydell High sports team and Frenchie running around the town centre in the middle of the day! All in all, it was a fabulous weekend spent with the best of friends. The ultimate highlight had to be receiving my memory book, filled with photos and memories with all the girls from over the years. Now that resulted in some serious hangover tears!

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