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Blogging Bride: Amy’s Planning

May 6, 2015
Blogging Bride: Amy's Planning

Evening everyone! Tonight our blogging bride Amy is sharing her planning process for her wedding at Lusty Beg, which is just two short weeks away! If you missed Amy and Kyle’s love story and engagement session with Melissa J Photography, check it out!

Within a few days of getting engaged, we had the same question asked to us a lot by family and friends; ‘When is the big day?’. For us the engagement was still sinking in! Then we actually asked ourselves, when IS the big day? We agreed we didn’t want a long engagement and once we had reviewed our finances, we decided that a year or so from then on would be good for us.


Exactly a week after getting engaged, we had an appointment with a wedding planner at our final chosen venue, Lusty Beg! I had looked online at a few other places, we didn’t want anywhere that had a ‘hotel’ feel to it or that seemed to be too formal. It had to be rural, laid back and that little bit different from anywhere else. As we were getting the little ferry across to meet the wedding planner, I just had the feeling that it was going to be the place where we would celebrate getting married. My instinct was right and that day we provisionally booked it for 21st May 2015!


We both want a religious church ceremony. As a personal choice, we want a blessing of our marriage to be more than just the legalities. Unfortunately the Minister from my parish had just retired and Kyle’s Minister was already booked for a wedding on the same day! Thankfully, we were able to book a Minister who often covers my parish. My church is in the countryside near where I grew up and went to primary school and my parents got married there so it’s special to me to be able to get married there too.


After booking the ceremony and reception we went full swing into planning the rest of the wedding. We are fortunate as my parents are helping us financially with the majority of the venue cost. Aside from this, our budget for the rest is around £6000, not including the honeymoon. Our expenses have been divided up pretty equally, however our biggest expense is our band and DJ. We really researched what kind of band we wanted as we love rock music especially and want to throw a good shindig for all the guests to boogie the night away! For the smaller expenses, I do love to bargain hunt and bought my bridesmaid dresses online for £42 each! I think we managed to balance our budget in terms of finding the best deal but also getting what we really wanted. We have friends and family helping us with some areas of planning which has been a huge help and fun to get them involved. Luckily Kyle and I not only share the same vision for our wedding (less disagreements!), but he has been involved in the planning too, in fact I secretly think he enjoys it!

Blogging Bride: Amy's PlanningDress

The next biggest expense for the wedding would be my dress. After trying on about 50 dresses in many shops, there was nothing I could find that felt like ‘me’. There were skirts I liked of some and tops of others, but I had an image in my mind of exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find it!! So I met with a dress designer last September (who I clicked with instantly, she just ‘got’ me!), and when I was describing my dress, she was sketching away and managed to put my exact vision on paper! I just knew I wanted her to make my dress. I sourced the fabric myself as I was quite exact about what colour and feel of dress I wanted, so after finding that, my dressmaker was able to start work. I tried it on for the first time about three weeks ago, which was nerve wrecking as I only had a memory of her sketch to go by. It was PERFECT! Above and beyond what I had expected and I am so relieved and delighted I went down that route. Kyle’s Mum gave me her veil to wear as my something old. My dress is unfussy, ardent, comfortable and I feel like I can run through the meadow with it – it’s just me! It has given me the confidence to be myself and not settle for anything less.


Aside from the wedding budget, our honeymoon is a big expense. We love travelling and want to start married life in places we have always wanted to visit, so we didn’t mind spending a lot on that. For our honeymoon, we are going to Cuba for 11 days and Jamaica for 11 days, staying in various quirky places throughout those islands.

Blogging Bride: Amy's PlanningAdvice

I have found that a wedding can be as expensive as you allow or want them to be. There are just so many ‘extras’ out there that can rack up the cost. We have decided that so many of these extras are really unnecessary and won’t make our day any more special for us or for guests. It’s not about having the most extravagant or entertaining wedding, it’s about us two having our own magic day, in our own way, stripped back where our closest family and friends can relax and celebrate with us.

However, each to their own, it’s just we see it as irrelevant. A wedding does not have to be the most expensive or lavish to be valid. As we are both fairly creative, we are DIY-ing some little extras in terms of venue decor and table centre pieces, but they don’t cost much and it enables us to create some reflection of us and who we are. Whilst we do have some traditional elements in our wedding, we also want our own stamp of unique charm and essence. We are inspired by nature and anything rustic, however it’s not a theme as such, we are happy to have a bit of a mismatched wedding with various elements that we like.

There have been a few people advising us of what ‘should’ be done or what you ‘should’ have…….which can be irritating as we don’t particularly always want to go along with what is deemed the norm! It has often proved quite difficult when shopping for various things as I just don’t simply like some of the mainstream wedding supplies and I have had to search extensively to find exactly what I want. Other than that, our approach to the planning has been quite relaxed and enjoyable. I haven’t turned Bridezilla yet and doubt I will, it’s not in my nature. Why sweat the small stuff? You have to let go of the things you can not control and fretting about the ‘what if’s’ is futile. With a few weeks to go and the plans ramping up a notch, I keep remembering that I would marry Kyle barefoot in a bin bag in a rainy field if it still meant we got to spend the rest of our lives together.

Ooh, it’s getting close!! Good luck Amy and Kyle, we just can’t wait to share your wedding on the blog soon x

Engagement photos by Melissa J Photography.


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