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Blogging Bride: Jess’ North Coast Hen Party

November 8, 2016
blogging bride jess hen party

Morning lovelies! Wow, how cold has the weather become over the last few days? The gorgeous days of autumn are nearing an end I think, winter is on our doorstep! 

Today we’re catching up with our second blogging bride, Jess.

Jess is sharing her action-packed hen party up on the North Coast, which will soon be followed by her gorgeous wedding day… 

blogging bride jess hen party

There are a few things that I knew I definitely wanted for my hen party. The first was that I wanted to be involved in the planning. Secondly, it had to involve food and some kind of water sports (the basics, you know?)! Thirdly, I wanted a small hen party to enjoy it fully with everyone there.

So let’s dive right in to what I did to celebrate getting hitched!

blogging bride jess hen party

My bridesmaids and close friends were overwhelmingly amazing for the whole thing. Between organising, baking and presents I realised how special everyone was to me. My hen party actually happened on my birthday so that I could spend it celebrating “Jess is 22 and ready to say I do”.

Everyone arrived on the Saturday to a beautiful vintage brunch at my parents apartment. All the china was from my engagement presents as I had asked for vintage china rather than a dinner set. I made little tags with each girls name on it and put them on a lemonade bottle as their present. On each of their place settings was the invitation to my wedding which made it extra special as everyone opened their invitations at once! We ate lots of croissants, crepes and even a tractor birthday cake (all thanks to my sister for making it!).

blogging bride jess hen party blogging bride jess hen party

After eating our body weight in crepes, we grabbed our bags and headed to Portballintrae for paddle boarding with Surf SUP NI. This was something on my bucket list. We got to learn the basic skills of paddle boarding alongside a few games -everyone loved it. One of the funniest things is trying to get a bunch of girls in to tight wetsuits though!

As we finished up, we all walked up to get our towels and I was in a daydream thinking “This has been so wonderful…” when I accidentally walked straight in to a sign – there was blood everywhere! I bashed my nose whilst cutting my gums, nose and forehead. I laughed it all off for being so stupid but my goodness was it sore! The next few weeks followed with a black nose and sore head. Whoops!

blogging bride jess hen party

In the evening we had dinner at Tides restaurant, which was delicious, and finished the night with some brilliant bridal games planned by my bridesmaids.

The next day we went to Angel Cake Bakery for a cupcake class with Kathy who also did my wonderful wedding cake. She had a beautiful brunch for us with croissants, cake and different types of tea. Her studio is so pretty with vintage touches. She taught us how to make icing flowers and decorated our own cupcakes to take home. Delicious end to it the weekend.

blogging bride jess hen party blogging bride jess hen party blogging bride jess hen party

It was such a special weekend getting all my friends together to celebrate the next stage in my life. Your hen party is also a time to celebrate the support of good friends as well as to celebrate getting married.

See you soon when I will be sharing my wedding day! Jess x

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