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Blogging Bride: Jess’s Planning Advice

November 29, 2016
Blogging Bride Lough Erne Resort The Promise NI

Good morning!

Yesterday we shared Jess and Andrew’s wedding at Lough Erne Resort, and today Jess is taking over with a few words of advice for all couples planning their wedding day – Jess arranged her day at home in NI whist living in Edinburgh and studying for her uni Finals!

Blogging Bride Lough Erne Resort The Promise NI

Dear future brides and grooms,

Andrew and I had the best wedding day we could have wished for, and learnt a lot during our planning. Here are some of the things that I feel were most important for me leading up to the day.

Never worry if you get stressed as it is so normal. It is not often you will have to organise something of this scale so sometimes it will feel overwhelming. I would also say to have a cut off time for wedding preparations at night – stop at a certain time so that you can spend time as a couple! Everything gets so crazy that it can be hard to find that time to celebrate what is about to happen.

Love your style. Before the wedding it can get slightly stressful trying to impress others with details and colours (or maybe it was just me). Learn to embrace exactly what you want with the small details, the flowers and the colours you choose. Once the day comes you will stop to look around at everything that describes you as a couple and fall in love with it.

Spreadsheets are your new best friend. Whether it was budgeting, organising thank you cards or seating charts – I had them! I know it feels so obvious and rather practical but you will appreciate them the whole way through.

Take care of your skin. I have had adult acne for a few years now and was petrified that on my wedding day I would be focusing on my spots rather than feeling confident. I have been on every product and spent countless amounts of money on moisturisers and lotions. Before the wedding I felt nothing was working for me so I went back to basics. I started to drink 2-3 litres of water every day, doing exercise, stopped touching my face and using a moisturiser with salicylic acid. I stopped scrubbing my face and using lots of different products. And guess what? The natural way really worked! So if you are worried about your skin for your wedding day – believe in less is more!

Love yourself, your new husband and those sharing in the day with you. I adored all the flowers, the fashion and the details as it was what I had spent two years planning for. But as I looked around on my wedding day I felt that the best thing was sharing this special time with all my loved ones. Enjoy every second!     Jess xx 

Blogging Bride Lough Erne Resort The Promise NI

We can’t thank Jess enough for bringing us on her wedding planning journey, and want to wish her and Andrew all the love and happiness in their future together.

{Photos courtesy of Adam + Grace Photography}

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