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Blogging Bride: Ria & Paul’s Love Story

May 21, 2015
Blogging Bride Ria

The weekend is almost here and after a very hectic week, we’re excited to take things easy!

This morning we’re sharing Blogging Bride Ria and Paul’s story of how they came to be engaged. With only five weeks until their Midsummers day wedding, plans are quickly hotting up! We love the quirky way this pair met and became engaged…

Blogging Bride Ria

“Paul and I met online after I messaged him, I recognised him from a music gig in Belfast I had attended taking photos. Once chatting, I looked back though my photos from the night and found I had taken a photo of him in a crowd of people in which everyone else was out of focus apart from him! I had no idea at the time he would be the man I would marry.

We met up in person properly for the first time at the Pavilion on the Ormeau Road and went on a photography date taking photos round an old abandoned church and we clicked instantly, no pun intended! We moved in with each other pretty swiftly as we really felt like we had somehow always know each other and felt so comfortable around each other. We’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since.” 

Blogging Bride Ria“In conversations early on we talked about our future together and both already knew it was a kind of cert we would get married at some point.  

It was a leap year in 2012 and I got inspired to propose to Paul myself. I actually planned to propose at a music concert we where going to in Birmingham. I had contacted the musicians (The Civil’s Wars) management to see if they would announce my proposal on stage during the gig. I got a email saying that should be possible and they would let me know on the day of the gig. I waited nervously throughout the gig and nothing happened. I was so disappointed as I was planning to make a big romantic gesture. As Paul is my best friend and we share everything, I was bursting to tell him what I had planned and how it had gone wrong! When we got home to Belfast I blurted it out when we where sitting in our living room after a few glasses of wine. I  immediately realised I had spoiled the surprise and decided as the cat was out of the bag to just go for it. So I got down on one knee in the middle of our living room and asked him to marry me. He said yes and we where both very emotional. Thats was on the 19th March 2012. I got to choose my own engagement ring a few months later. Now the wedding is only 5 weeks away. We have so much to do as it is pretty much all DIY, I better get back to it quick smart!”


We are SO excited to see Ria and Paul’s day unfold…. stay tuned it’ll be amazing!

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