Blogmas #1

December 1, 2018



It’s not very often I post on a Saturday but today isn’t any ordinary Saturday – it is December 1st after all! 

Last week I had an idea, one I really liked the sound of. I have ideas regularly, I am totally an ideas person, most of which never make it out of my brain though! So the idea was to do Blogmas, posting one feature a day throughout December up until Christmas Day – clever or an easy way of watching me fail miserably?! You can decide that, haha.

Yes, December is an incredibly busy month but once the idea was in my head there wasn’t any getting rid of it – dear help me!

I like a challenge, I love ticking tasks of my to-do list so here I am, showing up for Blogmas and telling you all I will be doing this for the next 24 days. Yikes, there’s a good chance I will run out of time but in for a penny and all that… 

So I what can you expect? On the ‘day of the idea’ I had a ten minute brain dump with a coffee, fresh notebook page and a pencil (I love writing in pencil, is it just me?!). The content list is vast and varied. There will be a few special real weddings, as well as other wedding inspiration, bridal fashion trends and my take on some of the best in the local wedding industry.

I’ve a few real mamas to share and you can expect further brain dumps from yours truly as well as my fantasy Christmas wish list (can’t wait to do this one!) and some parenting content. 

2018 has been a real mixed bag here and I feel like I owe it to The Promise to move on from 2018 with a bang – so are you in?

Hope your Saturday is full of cheer, see you tomorrow! Em x 

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