Oh Ladies! It’s the Bridesmaids Big To-Do List…

March 23, 2016

Have you been chosen to be your BFF’s bridesmaid? It’s time for you to take charge and make sure that the wedding day goes off without a hitch, so we’ve compiled a bridesmaid to-do list that will help you to be the best right hand woman any bride has ever seen. Check out these ten ways to help a bride in need…

  • Assist the bride in picking the perfect dress – Choosing a wedding dress can be a stressy time for any bride, and having her bridesmaids there to restore some calm will be totally necessary. Make sure she isn’t pressurised into making the wrong choice, just because she’s on bridal shop number 28 and is fed up. Keep positive and reassure the bride that her perfect gown could be just around the corner!
  • Offer your organisational services – In the run up to the wedding, the bride will have so many things to do that she could probably do with a helping hand. Offer to scout out the perfect bridesmaid dresses and accessories, or if it’s closer to the wedding, offer to help with sending out invitations or packing her bags for her honeymoon.
  • Emotional support – Your BFF would be the luckiest bride in the world if she doesn’t need even just a little emotional support in the run up to the big day. Offer a supportive ear when the planning all gets a bit too much and show the bride exactly why you’re the perfect girl to have in her bridal party.
  • Hen Party – It’s the bride’s last night of freedom and it’s up to you to make sure it’s a good one! If the bride isn’t into feather boas, L-plates and boys taking their clothes off then stay well away. You don’t want to give her a send-off that she would rather forget. It can be a big task to organise a large group but if done properly, you’ll give the bride a weekend to remember!
  • Last minute errands – Be on hand to run any last minute errands for the bride on the day of the wedding. Whether it’s meeting the florist, organising last minute transport details or satisfying any junk food cravings, the bride will really appreciate your help with those last minute tasks!
  • Wedding Day Gift – Purchase a gift for the bride between you and the other bridesmaids for the morning of the wedding. Choose something sentimental such as a framed photo of you all together as the perfect keepsake to remind her of her best girls on her wedding day.
  • Wedding Day Survival Kit – No matter how much planning is done for a wedding day, hiccups can happen. Create a wedding day survival kit for the bride and the other bridesmaids to fix any issues that might arise on the big day. Pack a mini-sewing kit, a nail file, tissues, a mini first aid kit, paracetamol, deodorant, a handy snack, a packet of mints, and some extra hair grips to cover every eventuality.
  • Take Pictures – It’s a great idea for the bridesmaids to take plenty of photos on the wedding day. The bride will be too busy mingling with guests and generally just enjoying her day to take any of her own photos, so it’s up to the bridesmaids to get snap happy! Professional photos will take a few weeks, so it will be nice for the bride and groom to see a sneak peek of how their big day looked to everyone else!
  • Dance-Off – It’s a well-known fact that an empty dancefloor at a wedding is just not on. Hit the dancefloor once the music starts and drop down and get your eagle on!  Be on the lookout for any sneaky foot tappers that might need some encouragement to join in!
  • Be a trooper – No matter how stressful the day becomes for you, be a trooper and paint on the biggest smile you’ve got! Try not to complain about your bridesmaid dress, even if you’re in head to toe ruffles, be gracious and tactful. Nobody likes a bratty bridesmaid.

{Image: Megan Saul Photography via Bridal Musings}

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