Bump Progress + A Little Life/Work Update {And Shoes}

June 8, 2017

If you’re this way for wedding inspiration, sorry over that way <<<, this area is reserved for me to ramble.

So I have made it three quarters of the way through and at 31 weeks have quite the basketball up my top look going on.

This has been the strangest pregnancy and I have a few suspicions why. Firstly, I have three other very lovely, but very busy kids to look after and this time of year is all about the end of year exams, dancing festivals, sports days and fun nights etc. the list really does go on and I am head taxi driver and bank – hence the meeting myself coming backwards feeling I have quite frequently.

Secondly, this is my first pregnancy in my thirties, I’m so sure those extra five years have had an impact on how I’ve been feeling mentally and physically. I have been pretty hard work to live with, my mum and husband have got a lot of it with snappy phone calls and even silence (I’m never silent) when I just couldn’t be bothered communicating! I’m not proud of it but hopefully have come out the other side of those crazy hormones, I think I’m nicer now anyway!

And thirdly, just before Easter I was offered the chance of quite a bit more work from my biggest freelance client. Not ideal timing but with sights on a new car (oh the new car debate, apparently I am a car snob which coming from Mr  ‘I only drive German vehicles’ Promise is saying something!) I couldn’t say no and went with the I’ll cope strategy. I have been coping -just- but this lovely blog which brings me so much delight most of the time has suffered, and (if you’re on the wedding inspiration hunt but are reading this for the sake of filling five minutes of your lunchtime) for that I apologise.

One thing I have found has been exactly the same fourth time around is clothes and shoes. With my clothes I am going with an ‘it’ll do’ attitude, so lots of basics going on. Shoes however, well they are a different matter. I adore shoes and have been on quite a shoe shopping spree. My Birkenstocks needed updating (every two years without fail) and when Avoca starting stocking them this Spring I had to have a couple of pairs – exciting, but not the most exciting news. Two weeks ago I was once again browsing the gorgeous rails in Avoca – their clothing is now incredible – and found these pretties from Maruti. I really couldn’t decide which I loved more so had to have both. I mean, amazing or what, the boots are my elf boots or so the kids say and even if I’m dressed in the same pair of jeans every day, these bring me so much joy! *If you fancy snapping up a pair I’d get over to Avoca very soon, they don’t have many left.


This week I have been slowly building myself back into blogging here and have quite the number of gorgeous things lined up for next week, but wanted to give you a quick update before I jump back in, and also say thank you for sticking around and supporting this one woman and her bump! In terms of the bump, which is either a boy or girl (we didn’t find out) it is doing a great job of kicking me from behind the ribs (weirdest feeling ever in a not so nice way), poking my belly button (again, eurgh) and freaking the life out of my eldest by sticking its little foot out the side of my belly! We are so excited to meet this new person and never go a day without feeling extremely lucky that we get to be in charge of a tiny person for the fourth time. See I am nice and sentimental 😉

If you’ve any thoughts for the blog (wedding or otherwise), advice on how I’m going to survive the next few months or simply fancy a chat, drop me a line at emma{at}thepromiseni{dot}com.

Em xx

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