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Jewelled wedding gowns

J for Jewelled

If there’s one thing you’re certainly allowed on your wedding day, it’s a little touch of bling! Or, lots of bling, maybe! This season the bridal boutiques are teaming with bridal gowns adorned in stunning jewels on the neckline, the back, the skirt, everywhere…

March 24, 2014
alternative groomswear

Skipping the Hire Suit

During the planning of thousands of weddings across the country every year the bride spends weeks, sometimes months, pondering her wedding gown, visiting bridal boutiques and trying on different options. Usually for the groom they go to one hire shop, try on a few…

March 20, 2014
Planning Style

Six Things: Before You Go Dress Hunting

Picking your wedding dress, eek! Easily, the biggest and most important item of clothing you will ever purchase, and for some the hardest item ever to choose. If you’ve never stepped foot in a bridal salon until now the whole process can seem daunting,…

February 4, 2014