Children At Weddings: How To Entertain The Little Ones

August 26, 2014
Children at wedding

If you’re not a parent before you get married chances are you won’t have that much of an idea of how crazy having children at weddings can be! Trust me, it is pretty chaotic, especially when ivory dresses and chocolate cake are involved! Today we’re having a look at why I believe (chocolate cake catastrophes and all) having children at your wedding is a no brainer, and what to do for them on the day.


Yes, I know I am being pretty presumptuous about this but let me tell you why…

Kids plus dance floor equals crazy cute dance moves. Fact. The addition of children will add extra fun, excitement and off the cuff moments, that simply wouldn’t happen if they were at the babysitters – small boy getting lost inside the brides train during the prayers, anyone?!

Ultimately, your wedding day is just that, your day so if you decide a grown up elegant child-free day is what you want, no-one will judge, it’s your decision after all, but please let your ‘with child’ friends and family know in plenty of time so they can arrange babysitters for their offspring. Be clear on your wedding invitations that your wedding is either child-free or child-friendly, then there will be no mix ups on the day!

So you’re going to give the kiddies a green light to your wedding day, what do you have to do for them?

In its most basic form you don’t have to do anything, such as providing entertainment etc. On the day their parents will still be the sole carers of their own kids and they will most likely have a toy basket of their favourite toys stowed under their reception table and their favourite little games ready to go on their iPad, but if you want to be forever in the good books of those parents, adding a few quirky child friendly touches throughout the day will make the parents and kids smile! Taking a little pressure off the parent’s is never a bad thing, they will never forget it!

We’ve had a look for some fun ideas that won’t bust the budget but will keep tiny brains amused during your wedding day.

1. Lawn games: Summer brides will go far to find a better idea than lawn games for the little ones (and big kids too!). Vintage Hire Style Emporium have a great selection of very popular games to hire such as giant Jenga, chess, croquet and even space hoppers! For more information call 07788 203 191.

Children at wedding

Images courtesy of Vintage Hire Style Emporium.

Children at wedding

2. Activity tables: Depending on the ages of your little guests a few strategically placed activity tables is a great idea. Place colouring books, crayons, stickers and mess free craft activities out for the kids to enjoy. For older children a games table with playing cards, puzzles and board games will keep them amused.

3. Reading den: Why not max your library card out on some popular children’s books such as The Gruffalo and Peppa Pig, no cost involved there! Lay blankets, bean bags and cushions in a corner and let them relax and enjoy a good book whilst their parents enjoy the adult company.

4. Cookie bar: Cookies and milk, surely a match made in kiddie heaven?! Don’t forget to consider their menu choices when discussing your menu with your wedding co-ordinator.

5. Don’t forget the little extras: Bottles of bubbles can be picked up very reasonably, as can sparklers and glow sticks, all much loved by kids. If you plan to give your younger guests activity bags consider their age, a three year old with a sparkler is a recipe for disaster!

So, have I won you over with having children at your wedding? Let me know what you think with a comment below!


Featured image: Stacey Hedman via Style Me Pretty

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