Five Minutes With… Rebecca McKinney

August 6, 2018

Five minutes with Rebecca McKinney

Over the almost five years we’ve shared lots of mini series’ here on The Promise, NTK: Need To Know, Behind the Lens, Blogging Brides, Local Loves and my personal favourite, Five Minutes With – all which are great if you are in the throws of wedding planning. 

Today we are going right back to our roots and getting back on the series bandwagon with a fabulous five minutes with gorgeous girlie, Rebecca McKinney. 

Fashion stylish, presenter, columnist, co-director of The Style Edit, longtime lover of fashion, and of course the voice behind the morning traffic reports and co-host of the Cool FM Breakfast show – it’s fair to say we are big fans of Rebecca and all her many talents, and the fact she is super loved-up right now is giving us all the warm and fuzzies! 

Thanks Rebecca for supporting The Promise xx

1. Pinterest or Instagram?

Instagram – not even a competition! 

2. Belfast or Dublin?

Belfast – love Dublin for a night out, but home’s home! 

3. Home or away?

Home – or Scotland (now my second home).

4. Biggest achievement?

Learning to love myself.

5. Scared of?

Checking your handbag after a night out & missing a bank card!

6. Couldn’t live without?

My family.

7. Would rather not…

Ever climb the Mournes again – an akward blizzard experience scared me for life! 

8. Five dream dinner party guests?

Audrey Hepburn, Kris Jenner, Walt Disney, Victoria Beckham & Meghan Markle.

9. What would you cook them?

Nothing! I’d order in! 

10. What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up?

Snooze one of my 4 alarms – the first one’s set for 4.30am for work!

11. Last book you read?

The Promise.

12. Favourite TV programme/series?

Desperate Housewives.

13. Guilty pleasure?

Christmas 24 – all the best cheesy Christmas movies on one channel. I’m glued to it from November.

14. Favourite song?

Bill Withers Lovely Day – my Dad’s favourite.

15. Old or new?


16. Bold or pastel?

Love both, but I’m more of a pastel girl at heart.

17. Wedding dress or wedding shoes?

I’m a sucker for shoes.

18. Finds inspiration from?

My boyfriend.

19. Most prized possession?

My grandmother’s engagement ring, I wear it every day.

20. Random thought?

Life is far too short; so chase the dream job, be brave & wear the risky outfit, get the haircut you’ve always talked about, dance on a school night, eat the last slice of cake, show your appreciation for those around you, find the one who really makes your heart skip a beat & allow yourself to be genuinely happy! We’re only here once after all! 


{Image: Rebecca McKinney Instagram}

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