Five Minutes With… Victoriana Floral

January 27, 2017
Victoriana Floral, Kim Davies

Ah Friday, I’m so glad to see today arrive, are you?

This week has been one of those all over the place weeks with school commitments, bugs, bugs and more sickness bugs and general chaos! I always look forward to the slower pace of the weekend and the thought of a fresh new week, a new beginning if you like.

Today I am delighted to be sharing five minutes with Kim Davies, lead florist and creator of Victoriana Floral in Whitehead. Kim and her green-fingered team are a delight at any wedding (and they do immense hugs!) and their talent knows no bounds. If you’re searching for your florist, I urge you to check out their incredible work. Happy Friday!

1. Pinterest or Instagram?

Instagram – it’s totally addictive!

2. Belfast or Dublin?

Dublin – if I had to choose, I love its architecture and shopping!

3. Home or away?

Home, I live in an old farmhouse up a country lane, I love the peace and quiet and my garden.

4. Biggest achievement? 

My kids – they constantly amaze me. I am also immensely proud of how far my business has come in less than four years.

5. Scared of? 

Letting people down.

6 Couldn’t live without?

My family, my animals and of course the flowers!

7. Would rather not…

Do bookwork, admin and VAT returns.

8. Five dream dinner party guests? 

Peter Dinklage, Jo Malone, Richard Branson, David Attenborough and Mary Black.

9. What would you cook them? 

A roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by a passion fruit pavlova.

10. What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up?

Kiss my husband and check my phone (not necessarily in that order).

11. Last book you read?

Jo Malone’s autobiography – an absolute inspiration.

12. Favourite TV programme/series?

Anything sci-fi!

13. Guilty pleasure?

Curly Wurleys!

14. Favourite song?

I love most music it’s hard to choose just one song, loving new Adele album and also love anything from the indie 90’s.

15. Old or new? 

Mostly old, I love auctions and bric-a-brac shops however I also love Scandinavian style and the whole concept of hygge which is my new years decorating inspiration.

16. Bold or pastel? 

Both when used in the right way, especially where flowers are concerned!

17. Wedding dress or wedding shoes?

Wedding dress for sure – there are some gorgeous dresses out now brides to be are totally spoilt for choice.

18. Finds inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. From holidays we take to walks in the country, from paint shop interiors to checking out the trends coming from other places in particular Australia.

19. Ceremony or reception? 

Both – love a romantic ceremony, love the party after!

20. Random thought? 

My daughter LucyRose told me this the other day ‘Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall’ definitely worth remembering!

You can view Kim’s incredible work at

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