Five Minutes With… Fiona Jamieson

July 9, 2015
Fiona Jamieson Photography, Northern Ireland wedding photographer

Wahoo, it’s almost the weekend, and a long one at that! I can’t tell you how hard it has been this week to try and get back into work mode. I love my work dearly, but well I’d rather be lying on a beach in Monaco, wouldn’t you?! But, we’re slowly getting there and working on lots of amazing projects to bring you in the next few weeks, but today we’ve been having a chat with the loveliest of photographers, Fiona Jamieson. A self-proclaimed hugger, Fiona’s big heart and love of love is infectious! Find out what makes her tick below…

1. Pinterest or Instagram?

Instagram!!  I’m addicted, although it goes through another editing app first.

2. Belfast or Dublin?

Belfast is amazing these days, it is my home town so I could not give any other answer (although I’m a proper culchie now).

3. Home or away?

Home for me every time, with my husband, two girls and two wee dogs (my real babies).

4. Biggest achievement? 

Taking the plunge to enter the wedding photography gig, I’ve learnt that it’s not for the faint of heart but I love it.  It is indescribably beautiful to be in such a privileged place at the time when two people join their lives together for good.

5. Scared of? 


6 Couldn’t live without?

My family & the dogs.

7. Would rather not…

Do admin.

8. Five dream dinner party guests? 

Stephen Fry, Stephen King, Dalai Lama, Richard Branson & Mo Mowlem.

9. What would you cook them? 

Leg of lamb in the slow cooker (easy cooking) and buckets of red wine.

10. What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up?

Caffeinate myself.

11. Last book you read?

The Well Of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson- I’ve been a massive fantasy fan since I picked up the Lord of the Rings when I was 13 because I was bored and we only had four channels in those days.

12. Favourite TV programme/series?

Battlestar Galactica (new series).

13. Guilty pleasure?

Judge Judy- I can literally watched ten in a row it hypnotises me.

14. Favourite song?

At the moment- Uptown Funk or I Really Really Really Like You!

15. Old or new? 

I like to hang on to stuff for sure but love bright shiny things too….

16. Bold or pastel? 


17. Wedding dress or wedding shoes?


18. Finds inspiration from?

Films, nature, architecture.

19. Ceremony or reception? 


20. Random thought? 

We should all smile as much as we can in every day- it’s good for you.

You can view Fiona’s work on the blog, here and here, or visit her website at Wishing you all a wonderful long bank holiday weekend, come on sun, show your face!! 

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