Five Minutes With… Grace & Saviour

July 27, 2015
Grace & Saviour wedding stylist

Good morning and welcome to another week here at The Promise, we’ve got such a treat-fest week planned and today we’re sliding nicely into Monday with a calming five minutes with Grace Campbell, the creative genius behind Grace & Saviour. If you haven’t heard of Grace and her super stylish and dreamy weddings, oh my you are missing a lot! We demand you head over to her Pinterest boards (in five minutes!) to give your eyes a true feast for the senses.

1. Pinterest or Instagram?


2. Belfast or Dublin?

Hmmm Belfast, but my sister is in Dublin, along with some great creative opportunities.

3. Home or away?

Home, but I thrive on getting away and gaining perspective.

4. Biggest achievement? 

Having dreams, and fulfilling them.

5. Scared of? 

My own creative mind, that swirls, spins and rarely goes quiet.

6 Couldn’t live without?

The people I love.

7. Would rather not…

eat eggs.

8. Five dream dinner party guests? 

My late dad, my husband and time, and I can never get past that when this question comes up.

9. What would you cook them? 

Beef carpaccio, and lots of simple, delicious, easy food .

10. What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up?

Feed my new  baby.

11. Last book you read?

Testimony, Anita Shreve.

12. Favourite TV programme/series?

It was Breaking Bad, we haven’t found anything to replace it.

13. Guilty pleasure?

Not feeling guilty about doing things that give me pleasure, such as unplugged days with my family.

14. Favourite song?

Heart of Gold, Neil Young, our wedding song.

15. Old or new? 

I’m drawn always to old, but I want to face new, New is so important .

16. Bold or pastel? 

I can’t choose, colours come from the spirit of the couple and the wedding. To pick would say that colours come from what is perceived as popular or the right choice.

17. Wedding dress or wedding shoes?


18. Finds inspiration from?

Travel, conversation, people, day dreaming, drfting, quiet.

19. Ceremony or reception? 

It depends on where the couple have held their focus. I let time stop for my own ceremony; I wanted it to be the quiet, sacred part of the day, before the volume was turned back on and the world let in.

20. Random thought? 

“Sometimes my soul comes out to play” This was a line in Love & Mercy, the movie on Brian Wilson that I have just seen.


To view more of Graces’ work visit her Facebook page or head to

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