Friday Feeling

January 23, 2018

Emma Smith Musings

I always look forward to Friday, do you?

In this house Friday means lifting the foot off the pedal for a bit and enjoying the need to be nowhere. Well it did, once upon a time.

Friday looks like this…

Making an attempt at finding the porcelain under all that discarded toothpaste.

Same with the highchair but substitute toothpaste for porridge.

Digging the now probably moulding swimming suits out of the bottom of the laundry bin.

Doing several laps of the house collecting anything that can be stuck in the washing machine.

Making a list of all the work I didn’t get done during the week and resolving to do it over the restful weekend.

Ordering the third fill of oil this winter because kids need to be kept warm and this winter has went on for about 546 months right now.

Ten minutes are spent wondering how different life would look if X amount of our cash wasn’t spent on keeping us warm.

Operation clean floors because we’ve trodden in Rice Krispies for too many days now.

Too many minutes spent googling random things like how to be brave enough to move to a warm country.

The 6pm bell meaning wine time. At last.


If that merry little list didn’t make you jealous enough, here’s how tomorrow is shaping up…

8.45: Ruby swimming lesson

10.00: Ruby birthday party number 1 – until 12.00

10.30: Emma spin class aka hell on earth (but essential for France non jelly butt)

10.45: Safran ACRO class (acrobatic dance to you and me)

11.45: Keenan birthday party – until 2.30

13.15: Safran swimming squads

16.00: Ruby birthday party number 2 – until 18.00

18.00: Emma passes out

I’ve had a lot of messages and emails asking how life with four kids is. Busy. It’s bloody awesome but man is it busy.

*Featured image: Good Moods

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