Happy New Year & Hello To New Readers!

January 3, 2017
wedding blog northern ireland

Happy New Year! I hope your 2017 has arrived with its positive pants on – so far so good here.

With Christmas and New Year being the most popular time of the year for popping that big question, I thought before we crack on with the normal schedule I’d say a quick hello to you all – an even bigger HELLO to any new readers – share a little of what you’ll find in this corner of the Internet, and a little bit about me.

So hello, I’m Emma, creator, brains (?!!), accountant, emailer, writer, editor and general everyone behind this blog. I live in County Tyrone with my husband, David and our three darling children. Once upon a time I edited a local bridal title, but after introducing three kids to the world, with a thirst for a handier life, I hung up that hat and went freelance, which resulted in a. always, always, always having work to be done and b. the creation of The Promise, so not handier at all, but all totally worth it!

wedding planning blog northern ireland

The Promise focuses mainly on sharing local real weddings and talent from this great wee country, we are so lucky to have incredible talent on our doorstep. I share lots of inspiration from further afield as well, but NI will always take priority.


Blog scheduling wise I’m going to go out on a limb and say we feature two real wedding stories every week, on a Monday and Friday (because seeing how other people did it is the best sort of inspiration for you!) and in the middle of the week you’ll find a little taste of everything else weddings – Promise Picks, planning and advice, inspiration and fashion.

If you’re a newbie here’s a few past features that might help get your wedding planning off to a good start.

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I love to hear of things you might be struggling with, and try to help, so if you fancy getting in touch, please drop me an email on You’d make me very happy if you signed up for our monthly Love Notes newsletter, over to the right in the big orange box!

If you’ve stuck around this long, thank you, I don’t go on about myself that much you’ll be pleased to hear! Later today we’ve a super stylish wedding from Marc Lawson so get yourself back here at 2pm.

(Photo’s from my wedding day captured by the awesome Kat Mervyn)

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