Lough Erne Resort Menu Tasting Experience & Wedding Open Day

February 8, 2019
Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

Happy Friday lovely ones! This week has whizzed by so fast which has been good for me as I actually have an action-packed weekend ahead. I’m off to see The Bodyguard in the GOH and then to my local theatre to see my friend take on a leading role in Chicago. 

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

This Sunday, February 10th, the multi-award winning Lough Erne Resort in County Fermanagh are hosting a unique ‘Seasoned with Love Wedding Open Day.’ The event is to celebrate their recent win at the Wedding Dates awards where they were crowned the prestigious ‘Top Rated Five-Star Wedding Venue in the UK.’ 

The exciting wedding open day this Sunday is like no other and has been designed to give couples the opportunity to discover, taste and experience each season to decide exactly which season they wish their special day to fall within. 

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

The award winning team will be on hand to guide couples through the Resort and introduce them to the best of local wedding suppliers who will have VIP promotions available to only those couples hosting their wedding at Lough Erne Resort. Plus, the resort will also have an exclusive offer available if you book and confirm your wedding on the day. The event runs from 1pm to 5pm this Sunday. 

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

Lough Erne Resort Menu Tasting Experience

One of the most exciting parts of planning your reception is choosing the menu. A few weeks ago I discovered what happens at a menu tasting experience at Lough Erne Resort, with Joanne Walsh filling me in on all the exciting details that you should know about. 

What will couples try at the tasting? 

“On the day of the tasting, they will meet their Banqueting Manager who looks after them on their wedding day and chef will come out to say hello and discuss the food and their thoughts. We offer the full wedding menu and each person selects one dish from all courses – so starter, soup, main, dessert and tea & coffee – they always leave us more than satisfied! We let the couple dine in peace, so they can discuss the dishes openly, and then they meet their co-ordinator afterwards to begin to go through final details and feedback.” 

Where do couples dine? 

“We offer such a great experience for the menu tasting and it really gets the couples excited for what lies ahead as it is often when it all starts to feel real! They dine exclusively in the Catalina Restaurant in private – usually on a Saturday afternoon. We offer two sitting times – 1.00pm or 3.30pm. We print personalised menus for the couple as a keepsake for their memory box, just like the big day.”

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

Can couples bring their parents?

“Yes, as we can extend the invitation for a tasting for up to 6 people – couples quite often use the tasting as a great way of bringing both sets of parents together and helps them to be included in the planning of their special day.” 

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

Most popular dish? 

“The confit of duck starter is very popular – and our signature dish is the Sirloin steak served for main course.

We can offer bespoke dishes, and we would do this quite often – particularly because of dietary requirements – we have devised quite a few Vegan dishes recently!”

Lough Erne Resort Wedding Menu Tasting

Any other information couples should know? 

“Tastings are offered four months before the wedding, and they are complimentary and included in the package for the couple. Extra guests are charged for. It is best not to drive to the resort on the day of your tasting!! Included in the menu tasting our couples would also taste all six of our banqueting wines – we offer three pairings – French, Italian and Chilean – the couple can choose their favourite for the big day.”

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