Mama Monday – Life Lately & Making Plans

May 27, 2019
Mama Monday

Hello! Happy Bank Holiday Monday – although this is the weird one in the year that most people don’t get as a holiday – how are you all? 

So, blogging. It has been a strange time for The Promise recently and I’ve been doing some soul searching as to where it is and what it is in 2019. 

In 2013 I began this little bolthole on the web as my outlet for all things wedding. At the time I had just left my job as magazine editor for a bridal title and although still freelance writing in that field I needed an outlet of my own. 

Five years on (I still write for bridal outlets!) but I have moved on as a person, all grown up with four kids spanning 12 years and I feel the need to stretch my content, but lots of the time my own self confidence stops me from putting it out there. 

In a very long winded way I guess I’m saying I love this bridal community, I still am very much in love with love but I’ve decided Monday’s will be for Mama’s. I can’t wait to share the thoughts and feelings of lovely local mums and reintroduce The Real Mama next week. 

For those hungry for all the bridal goodness, the rest of the week is for you! From the prettiest gowns to real weddings with style, hints, tips, inspiration and all that good stuff, for me it’s a real pleasure to share and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! 

Right now at chez Promise we are trying our best to keep up with a very frantic May and June, all the school exams, end of term parties, school fun nights and all that fun just make life hectic! We are counting down to our French holiday (six weeks people!) and looking forward to Arden turning two. Life is fast paced and shows no sign of slowing down but isn’t that what makes it good? 

My blogging time has seriously been scuppered for full time motherhood so unfortunately I can’t solidly stick to much of a blogging rhythm but you’ll always find me over on Instagram stories sharing god knows what tbh, I’m always up for a chat there!

Thanks always for sticking around and if you’ve any requests for either Mama Monday or anything bridal related, I’m all ears! Drop me an email at 

And lastly before I go we’ve something exciting happening next Tuesday so be sure to stick around, Em x

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