Mamahood Survival Kit #1 The Sweater

September 16, 2019

Hands up if you find yourself reaching for the exact same thing to wear, day after day? I know I am guilty of having a mum-uniform. Gym wear when there isn’t a chance I’ll be hitting the gym or jeans, a sweater and my favourite runners. I always ask my #realmama’s if their style changed after kids appear and nine out of ten times most have ditched the heels and chosen comfort over style a lot of the time – again No.1 guilty person here! 

When the weather gets colder (okay, from September to at least May!) I love nothing more than a sweatshirt. They’re easy to pair up with jeans, dungarees, shorts and even skirts if you’re feeling fancy, easy to wash and now thanks to some fabulous homegrown brands, super stylish. Before the woolies are out for the impending deep freeze here are ten fabulous sweatshirts that are stylish and kid-friendly, exactly what I need. Hope you enjoy, Em x 

The Sweatshirt Edit


Main image (top): Strong Girls Club sweatshirt, £40, Mutha.Hood.

From top, left to right:

Floral Mama bear sweatshirt, £25, Acorns and Autumn Walks | White Bisou sweater, £35, Mutha.Hood | Grey cheetah and lightening bolt sweater, £50, Scamp & Dude |

City sweater, H&M | Burgundy Hope Sweet Hope sweater, £38, OutsideIn | Don’t Be Mean embroidered sweater, £32.99, Taylor It |

Navy Mama basic crew, £45, Selfish Mother | Tired minds sweatshirt, £28, Made in Snetty | Liberty print Mama sweatshirt, £38, Magnificent Stanley |

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