New Year Ramblings + My Homely Habits

January 4, 2019
musings Emma Smith
musings Emma Smith

Happy Friday! How was your first week of 2019?

I always wonder if this type of content has a place here, amongst the pretty weddings and stories of love, but you know more times than not I decide, it’s my blog so I will create the content I want to, warts and all! I’m a busy mum of four, a wife and a freelance creative so of course sometimes I will want to churn out a few words on life, my life. If it’s only wedding pretty you’re after maybe skip back to the homepage and take it from there. 

This morning (yesterday when you’re reading this!) it took five alarms and two phone calls from my husband to waken me! The eldest was back to school and it was bloody hard work to get her (and the other three) up and out, dear help us all on Monday! Whilst I have been working over the Christmas holidays, joy of being freelance and all that, today feels like it’s back to proper work so I thought it a good time to share my New Year habits – habits, not resolutions. 

I’m not a resolutions type girl. Never have been, I’m just not that bothered about holding myself accountable if I fail at a. not running enough, b.not eating enough green stuff, or c. insert New Year resolution of your choice here! I take the New Year as the kick up the butt I need to get back to basics and make life easier. Here’s a few habits – all home/kids based – that I’m working on to make the wheels run smoother… 

musings Emma Smith

– Get up before the kids. Even ten minutes of peace and pottering before the hillbillies join me sets my day up in the right way.

– Never leave dishes on the drainer at night. I don’t own a dishwasher (I know,I should get an MBE or something for that fun fact!!), I am the dish washer and nothing annoys me more than getting up and finding the dishes from the night before waiting to be dried and cleared away. 

– One load of laundry a day – four kids, all big swimmers need I say more?

– Save £20 every week for holiday grocery shopping. We’re heading to France again this year and our ‘big’ shop always costs more than we budget for. This year I’ll be prepared with a list and the Euro. 

– Meal plan weekly & online food shop  – after years of faffing back and fourth with online grocery shopping I’ve Janine Walker to thank for laying it out plain and simple! 

– Friday is to remain pizza and ice cream day for the kids. No explanation needed.

That’s it for now. I’m sure over the next while I will add more to my little habit list, things that I do to keep me sane. 

Today on Instagram stories I asked if you had any questions to ask me – thanks to the two lovely people who did – seriously guys I need more love over there!! 

So, Denver in answer to your question, Do you know what a mule is?, and without Googling the answer a mule is either a type of shoe, like the slip on type or is it some kind of horse/donkey/ass/cow hybrid?! 

And Frankie (Love Audrey) asked my biggest lesson learnt from 2018 – wow, lots and lots, including remembering how crazy a one year old is, that I just can’t work if I don’t have my ducks in a row or if I’m overly stressed, that my ultimate, ultimate why is my husband and kids, that we need to travel more and that it’s ok to take a step back if you need to.

Thanks Frankie that made me think! 

If you’ve reached the end, thanks for reading my ramble! Who knows where 2019 will take us all but fingers crossed it’s somewhere nice, now back to wedding pretty for a while! Happy Friday, Em xx

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