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NTK: Grooms Style – An Interview with Dee Graham Tailor Made

April 28, 2017
Dee Graham Tailor Made, Dungannon | Grooms Style | The Promise NI

Good morning and happy almost-long-weekend!

Today we Need To Know all about grooms style and what better person to ask than the always impeccably dressed, Dee Graham, creator of Dee Graham Tailor Made, a bespoke tailoring service based in Dungannon, County Tyrone. Dee has dressed many a stylish gent including Conor McGregor and certainly knows his threads – and as it turns out is a true romantic! If your groom harbours the need to share his personality on your Big Day this guy is the person to visit.

Wishing you all a great Bank Holiday and see you Monday when we’re back with an incredible wedding at Orange Tree House.

Dee Graham Tailor Made, Dungannon | Grooms Style | The Promise NI

TP: Tell us about your business, what can clients expect from Dee Graham Tailor Made? 

Dee: At Dee Graham Tailor Made we provide bespoke tailor-made suits and casual wear for the most distinguished of men. From crisp clean classics to bold prints and checks we take every aspect into consideration and tailor it to your needs.

TP: Who is your dream client? Any celebrities you’d love to design for? 

Dee: Maybe a strange one but if I had the chance to kit anyone out from any era it would have to be the king himself – Elvis. Not only was he one of the most iconic men ever but one of the most stylish. Away from the bedazzled jumpsuits and tassels the style he donned was sensational. A Dee Graham custom three-piece paired with that infamous pompadour quiff would have made a statement.

TP: Don’t think I can get Elvis but for local grooms what does the process of having a tailor-made suit involve? 

Dee: The process begins with an initial design consultation and conversation on what styles, colours and fabrics will work best for the customer. Then over 30 measurements are taken and the garments are tailored and ready for a first fitting. Your suit will now have all the major construction, including pockets and facings etc and this is pinned and altered to the shape that works best for you. After this there will be a second fitting, here all the alterations discussed will have been made and thoroughly checked. Any tweaks or requests will be noted and delivered for a final fitting. At this stage we will have a beautifully crafted bespoke suit, finished to a meticulously high standard. One last check is done to ensure both the customer and me are happy with the end product.

Tailoring is very personal – try to give your cutter every chance to get to know exactly what you want.

TP: How long does the overall process take? 

Dee: This is the important part. Unfortunately I get guys sauntering into the shop two days before a wedding looking kitted out in a masterpiece with all the trimmings – it just doesn’t work that way. Everything is custom designed and tailored from scratch. This process takes time along with multiple fittings so realistically the more time the better especially with a growing backlog I suggest at least two to three months.

Dee Graham Tailor Made, Dungannon | Grooms Style | The Promise NI

TP: What details do you need to know about the wedding before offering advice?

Dee: The more details the better, we take every aspect into consideration to make sure the groom is donning a custom piece fitting to him and the day his bride have planned. If he rocks up in a chalk stripe get-up reminiscent of an Al Pacino movie and the wedding is a romantic beach celebration, well it just won’t work. So the more details the better!

TP: Are you finding it’s just the groom, or are entire grooms parties getting the bespoke treatment?

Dee: Both. I find grooms are giving their guys the full works this past while. I’ll always make the grooms suit a little different so he stands out but I have noticed an increase in full wedding parties getting the tailor made treatment. Alternatively kitting out just the groom and tying in the whole party with handmade bowties/ties and pocket squares etc is very popular. It lets the groom stand out on what is as important a day for him as his beautiful bride!

TP: What is your favourite fabric & colours to work with? 

Dee: To answer both its black velvet – smooth, slick and sharp – it’s timeless!

Dee Graham Tailor Made, Dungannon | Grooms Style | The Promise NI

TP: Do summer grooms generally choose lighter fabrics? 

Dee: Yeah, even though it’s Ireland they still cling on to the hope that the sun will be shining and will need a linen suit to cope with the heat! But yeah, even style wise it’s more appropriate to choose a nice light fabric for a summer wedding. I recently introduced beautiful Merino wool into the shop which is proving very popular for the summer months.

TP: Any unusual colour/fabric combinations for summer coming through?

Dee: I have some crazy Jacquard prints and they are proving a big hit, there are some brave guys out there and they are embracing the whole ‘its your suit your way’ and going to town! Love it – I’d be fond of a crazy print myself so it’s all good!

TP: Is there a general trend/suit shape that grooms are opting for? 

Dee: We don’t follow trends. I’m lucky enough to do many many weddings and with this I meet all different kinds of grooms, from the classic sharp tux to a wild check explosion, I see them all. That’s the beauty of what I do – the only limitation is your imagination when you come through my door.

Dee Graham Tailor Made, Dungannon | Grooms Style | The Promise NI

TP: What accessories should a groom never forget? 

Dee: The bride. The suit will look sensational but remember it looks even better when your standing with the woman you love.

TP: Do you follow trends? Although I think I already know the answer… 

Dee: Never. I suggest the groom wear what reflects his personality and style thus is why I offer a tailor made service, not everyone is off the shelf.

A huge thanks to Dee for sharing some of his secrets and inspiring us! To view more visit, visit his showroom by appointment at Unit T8, Dungannon Enterprise Centre, 2 Coalisland Road, Dungannon or call 028 8738 0055. 

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