You Said Yes! Now What?

January 6, 2015
Planning your wedding

Exciting, daunting, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, expensive, emotional, crazy; all these words describe what you might feel when planning your wedding! If you’re new to this little world, welcome and congratulations. This morning I thought I’d give you a quick heads up on the easiest ways to start planning your wedding. A simple where to begin guide, if you like, so here are my ten tips on getting you up the aisle!

  1. Enjoy the engagement – Throw a party, head away to celebrate, have an engagement photo shoot; generally make a big deal of your engagement and celebrate it in whichever way you fancy! Yes, there will be lots of decisions to be made before you say I Do, but just for now, sit back, take a breather and embrace this special time.
  2. If you’re a stationery freak like me, buy a new notebook, if you’re not simply get together with your fiancé and write down your dreams and wishes for your wedding. Things like when you imagine it being, warm weather or cold, will it be informal, black tie, inside, outside, magical, romantic… brainstorm your wedding. You might be surprised at what you come up with and actually plan in a short space of time without even realising you’re doing it!
  3. Choose your date – Easier said than done! Start with the year, this year, next year, two years down the line. Deciding on the year will most likely be dictated by your financial situation, if you plan to save for your wedding, at least six months saving will be needed! Next, choose your season, this will obviously dictate the months you look towards. If you round it down to one full month choose your first preference date and also a couple of back-up dates, just incase your preferred suppliers aren’t available on your first choice.
  4. Make up an approximate guest list – this doesn’t have to be a thorough list of every person you will invite, instead at this stage you are looking for approximate numbers, i.e. 100-120, 250+, this will be very useful when you got to the next step…
  5. The most unromantic aspect of planning your wedding; working out a budget… There’s nothing worse than a chat about counting the pennies to send you on a quick bump back to reality! It’s not a nice topic but heading into planning your wedding without some idea is a road to debt doom – do not do it. Even if you only pluck a number from the sky to begin with, have a number. Where is the finance be coming from? Will you save, have you already got some savings, are your family contributing? All these questions – yuck! But vital to make your process enjoyable.
  6. Armed with a few dates and an approximate guest list, start looking for your ideal venue. I’ll be chatting about this major topic later in the week but essentially you should consider any venues you have previously liked the look off, ask for recommendations from friends and get on the web to see what’s out there. Spend a morning calling them to see if they can accommodate your guest numbers and if any of your dates are free. Visit your top choices, discuss pricing options and book! At the same time as all (sorry, this is the tough part!) check the date with your ceremony officiant if you have chosen a religious marriage. With dates matching, the decision is up to you, choose your favourite and book!
  7. Choose your wedding party and ask them and announce your date, this is a lovely part, you’re guaranteed a good few smiles! If you have family or friends living far away start to consider sending Save The Date cards.
  8. Look for your wedding photographer and filmographer. All photographers and filmographers worth their salt will book up quickly, don’t dawdle get your name in their bookL For lots of advice on choosing you photographer, Brideen from Simple Tapestry let us in on some of the secrets back in December.
  9. Consider a wedding planner. If you live a hectic life, work long hours or even have kids to work around a wedding planner to help you source and add extra touches to your day could be a great idea, just make sure your budget allows.
  10. Sign up to wedding blogs (ahem), join Pinterest and get pinning, purchase a planning diary or scrapbook and get creative.

Finally, last tip… have a blast!


Image credit: The Lous.

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