Six Things: Before Choosing Your Wedding Date

February 6, 2014
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How hard can it be to choose the perfect wedding date? Pretty hard it seems, but don’t go panicking on me, here are six things to consider before you mark your special date on your calendar!

1. Do you and your fiancé have a significant or symbolic date? Maybe your five year anniversary or the date of your first kiss. If you have a special date already established, choosing to get married on this day is perfect and will only add to the great memories you hold with it.

2. When do you want to get married? Do you have a favourite season that you’d like to tie the knot in? If you can pin point your wedding day down to your favourite season, this is a good start! Also remember different seasons means different prices and availability for particular vendors- the summer months are easily the busiest, so expect suppliers dates to be more limited.

3. When actually suits you to get married? This sounds slightly crazy, but if you and your fiancé are diligently saving for your nuptials, maybe holding your wedding ten months into your saving spree won’t add up. Don’t forget you will have to take annual leave from work; is there a time of the year you can’t take it?

4. Consider your guests. Will any of them have to fly in from far away destinations? They will need plenty of notice for taking leave from work, saving to come home and planning their arrangements.

5. Would you like your day to coincide with any other celebrations throughout the year such as Easter or Christmas? This is a thoughtful option for guests as many of them will already be off on annual leave, but remember popular diary dates will be busy and prices may be higher!

6. Finally, but believe me an important one for many couples– Are your first preference vendors available on your desired date? If you have your heart set on someone and they aren’t available, would you change it?

Having a couple of back up dates is always a good idea, so what are you waiting for, get the calendar out!


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