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Six Things: Before You Go Dress Hunting

February 4, 2014

Picking your wedding dress, eek!

Easily, the biggest and most important item of clothing you will ever purchase, and for some the hardest item ever to choose. If you’ve never stepped foot in a bridal salon until now the whole process can seem daunting, but before you make your first appointment, here are six things you need to know.

1. Swat up on the lingo of wedding dresses. Necklines, hemlines and skirt shapes all have their own particular names, such as boat neck, ballerina and A line. If you’re a really good student knowing what fabrics you like – which includes tulle, satin and silk dupion – will help when you’re describing your perfect dress.

2. Know what suits you, but be open to suggestions. There are so many different styles, colours and designs of wedding gowns, that it is easy for you to become confused with what you like and what actually suits your frame and colouring. Look through your wardrobe at home, do you have an infinite number of sweetheart necklines in there? Maybe this is the shape best suited to you. We are lucky here in Northern Ireland, the bridal boutique advisors are pretty clued up on their job, so even if you’d immediately discount their choice, give it a go, you won’t know until your wearing it! Many brides I have spoken to have ended up choosing the dress they wouldn’t have looked at until their advisor encouraged them.

3. Don’t bring an entourage, you’re not JLo! One, two and at a push three opinions are enough, no matter what you think, you do not everyone and their aunt giving their advice!

4. Soak up the experience and enjoy it. Whilst you’re looking for your wedding dress you are technically allowed to be vain, it’s an unwritten rule – indulge yourself. Take in all the eyes on you as the curtain swishes back, enjoy the moment your mum wipes the tears from her eyes when you find the one and with your dress ‘in the bag’ go out and celebrate!

5. Arrive at your appointment in nice underwear. DO wear clothes over the top, please, but trying on stunning wedding gowns with your greying running pants on will not a princess make! Remember your bridal consultant will be helping you into your dresses so wear underwear you don’t mind being seen. Wearing a comfortable strapless bra is ideal as you will get a clearer idea of how your dress will look on the day. And don’t forget to do you hair and make up, it will all help see a little glimpse of how you will look on your wedding day.

6. Go with your heart, if it jumps, it’s the dress for you! Chances are you will try on lots of dresses, all beautiful, but not the dress. If you don’t want to take it off, you can’t stop smiling/crying and your friends are sobbing into their tissues, chances are its the one for you.

Armed with these helpful tips, I think you’ve some appointments to make! 


Featured image: Corbin Gurkin via The Knot

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