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Tuesday Tips: Tackling The Wedding Dress Hunt With Indie Grace Bridal

September 24, 2019
Indie Grace Bridal

Good morning! Sometimes (after a particularly busy weekend with the kids!) I’d like the week to begin on a Tuesday, somehow it feels much easier, ever get that?!

So we’ve officially passed the Autumn equinox and it’s dark nights and cosy candles from here on it. This is my favourite time of year, I always loved getting home from school to the fire lit and usually a bowl of Irish stew or mince and spuds for tea – back when life was pretty easy. Do you enjoy autumn and winter?

Back to weddings and if you’re a 2020 bride, and we know there are LOTS of them, you’ll be getting deep into your planning about now, possibly with a wedding dress on your mind. Today we’ve invited Siobhan from Indie Grace Bridal in Fintona to share her tips for tackling the wedding dress hunt – we hope you learn lots and look forward to go find that dress of your dreams!

It’s an exciting time for Indie Grace as they prepare for their first Sample Sale this Sunday 29th September in Armagh City Hotel – I’ve popped the info at the end of this post but FYI, there’s rails of £500, £750 & £1000 gowns from their incredible collections – definitely one to hit up if you’re in a hurry or keeping to a budget.

Indie Grace Bridal
Vagabond Bridal

1.Research online the type of bridal look you like.  Bear in mind the shapes that normally suit you in a dress.  You should then be able to select boutiques that fit with your style by looking at what labels they carry in store.

2. Have a budget in mind.  Let the bridal consultant know if there is a price range you want to stay within.  It is useful to check the price range with a boutique before booking an appointment with them especially if you have a strict budget.

Indie Grace Bridal
Marquise Bridal

3. Chose your bride tribe wisely.  Select those who are very important in your decision making.  Try not to take too many.  Two people is a nice number and certainly more than 3 people can be counterproductive to the job of finding ‘the one’ ‘for you’ and can result in a stressful appointment.  It is nice to keep your dress a surprise, why not go for the big wedding day reveal!

4. Do not start shopping until you are actually ready to find your dress.  Shopping to early ‘just to get an idea of styles’ often leads to a really confused bride visiting too many boutiques and no longer enjoying the shopping experience.  Your dress shopping experience is meant to be exciting, fun and a special time but it wont be after 6 boutiques.  Begin shopping when YOU are ready, trust yourself to go for it when you find something you absolutely love and not a minute sooner.  

Indie Grace Bridal
Vagabond Bridal

5. Make an appointment with a bridal boutique.  Try to avoid more than one appointment per day as there can be a lot to take on board.  If your booking two in one day then make sure you have a morning appointment then lots of time for lunch and travel time to the next one.  Do not try to visit three shops in one day as it will more than likely be overwhelming.  If you do find your dress make sure you cancel any other appointments you have made.  At Indie Grace when you book an appointment the entire boutique is kept private just for your appointment and you have a consultants undivided attention for 1hr 30 min so if brides can’t make an appointment it’s so important for us that we have as much notice as possible.

6. For the appointment itself be prepared with some simple things.  It is helpful to wear nude underwear.  You’d be surprised how many people forget to bring a hair tie.  No matter if your planning on wearing your hair down for the wedding you’ll still want to check out the back of the dress unobstructed by long hair.  Don’t wear instant or a fresh fake tan and stay clear of loose powders or heavy makeup around the neck and chest areas in particular.

Indie Grace Bridal
Marquis Bridal

7. When to buy… as I’ve already mentioned you should start shopping once you are ready to buy your dress.  For most brides this is a year out from their wedding as finding the dress helps them move on with other wedding planning decisions like flowers and bridesmaids dresses.  My advice is you need to be aiming to have your dress ordered at least 9 months out from your wedding date.  Rush orders are sometimes possible, for this we have to put a request in with the designer.  There is normally a fee for a rush order.  For brides that are short on time and/or working with a limited budget its a good idea to enquire with the boutique about samples and making an appointment to view some samples as often we need to sell some out to make way for new stock.  

8. How do you know its the one?? You need to feel fab in it but still comfortable and you need to be excited to wear it.  You should be comparing everything else you’ve tried on back to this one dress.  There is a difference between beautiful and unforgettable, between a gown and the gown!

Thanks Siobhan for sharing your secrets!

And don’t forget…

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