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Say Hi To The Promise Blogging Brides!

February 19, 2015
The Promise Blogging Brides

Eek! I’ve been really excited to finally introduce you to our first ever Blogging Brides, if it weren’t for silly half term madness (and an undeniable urge to peruse every holiday website and dream about sand between my toes for far.too.long) I’d have been introducing them a whole lot earlier, but alas these four lovely ladies are certainly worth the wait!

A huge big thank you goes out to each of you who applied to become one of the four chosen ladies, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who wanted to share their story and wedding planning journey. I’ve kept each entry and will hopefully revisit some of your stories in the not so distant future.

But back to this fab foursome. From wedding photographers to plumbing engineers, educational psychologists to welfare rights advisers, not only are they marriage mad, they’re a colourful and clever bunch!

The Promise Blogging Brides

Name: Laura

Marrying: James

Wedding date: August 20th 2015

How they met: James and I have known each other for quite some time. We first met at Balmoral Show in May 2011 at the cattle lawn and later spent the day at the show together. However romance soon began in Christmas 2012 when we starting dating. One year later James proposed on Christmas Eve 2013 at the very same spot and at the same time where we had our first date that previous year on Christmas Eve 2012. It was a complete surprise and I was a very happy girl.

Their wedding in five words: Country, vintage, beautiful, fun, elegant.

The Promise Blogging Brides

Name: Ria

Marrying: Paul

Wedding date: June 24th 2015

How they met: Paul and I met online after I messaged him, I recognised him from a music gig in Belfast I had attended taking photos. Once chatting, I looked back though my photos from the night and found I had taken a photo of him in a crowd of people in which everyone else was out of focus apart from him! I had no idea at the time he would be the man I would marry.

We met up in person properly for the first time at the Pavilion on the Ormeau Road and went on a photography date taking photos round an old abandoned church, we clicked instantly, no pun intended, and the rest is history.

Their wedding in five words: Homemade Midsummer’s Day Love Festival.

The Promise Blogging Brides

Name: Rachel

Marrying: Philip

Wedding date: February 20th 2015 – Tomorrow!!!

How they met: We met through one of my best friends (one of the bridesmaids) who had done some Baptist children’s camps with Phil and we went round to his student house often. Love blossomed from then over the next few years!

Their wedding in five words: Floral, vintage, shabby-chic, DIY, love.

The Promise Blogging Brides

Name: Amy

Marrying: Kyle

Wedding date: May 21st 2015

How they met: Kyle and I met through mutual friends a long time ago, initially it would have been back in 1999 when we used to go to local discos! I don’t think we ever had many conversations as he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at the time! Fast forward about 10 years (after we both studied and lived in separate parts of Scotland!), I had moved in with a mutual friend in Belfast in 2010, then several months later, Kyle moved into a house a few streets away. Socially and as friends, we started seeing a lot of each other over the next few months. It took a while, but we couldn’t ignore the chemistry any longer and got together as a couple eventually on Valentines Day 2012. Our first proper ‘date’ was a night walk up to Scrabo Tower in the freezing cold!

Their wedding in five words: Mellow, earthy, eclectic, fun, whimsical.

Any there you have them, four gorgeous ladies tying the knot this year. I hope you’ll join us all on their journeys as they each become a Mrs! 

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