15 Things Not To Forget Before Your Wedding Day

15 Things Not To Forget Before Your Wedding Day I The Promise NI

After months of planning your wedding to perfection, it’s only natural that you might worry about forgetting something on the big day. Never fear brides-to-be, we have compiled the ultimate list of things that can easily slip even the most organised minds, helping your wedding day go exactly to plan.

  1. Get your engagement ring cleaned – On your wedding day, all eyes will be on your brand new bling so it’s a good idea to get your engagement ring cleaned a day or two before you get married. It’s only fair that your engagement ring looks just as fabulous as your new rock!
  2. Music – A wedding day playlist is a great way to help you and your bridal party relax on the morning of the wedding. A mix of chilled out songs and some of the bride’s favourite hits will create a great atmosphere for the day ahead.
  3. Appoint your second in command – On the morning of your wedding, it’s important to appoint someone to take care of any behind the scenes tasks throughout the day. Your second in command should be responsible for duties such as giving people directions should they need them, accepting and taking care of gifts; transporting floral arrangements from the ceremony to the reception or resolving any issues should they arise.
  4. Something old, new, borrowed, and blue – If you are carrying out the old tradition of having something old, new borrowed and blue, it can be easy to forget which items to use until the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or one of your bridesmaids to source these things for you – it will add a really personal touch to your day.
  5. Touch up bag – Unless you are lucky enough to have your makeup artist on hand throughout your wedding day, a touch up kit is essential. Air kisses will be flying all day, so it’s only natural that your makeup will need retouching. Pack a few of your favourite products so you look flawless from morning to night.
  6. Snacks – While the rest of your guests are indoors, no doubt enjoying the drinks reception and some nibbles – you and your bridal party will be having photos taken. It can be a long time from the ceremony until you get your meal, so packing some handy snacks is a great idea to keep those tummy rumbles at bay.
  7. Bridal party gifts – Giving your bridal party a special gift is a lovely way to say thank you for all of their help in the run up to the wedding day. Gifts for the bridal and groom’s party don’t need to be expensive – so why not buy something sentimental to remind them of the day? A bouquet of flowers for the bride and groom’s mums and grannies is a great way to let them know you appreciate them and everything they do.
  8. Comfy shoes – Okay so you’ve convinced your groom that you absolutely 100% must have the Louboutins, and that they’re an investment for the future. All true of course, but after a long day on your feet, your tootsies will be crying out for your converse. Pack a pair of your favourite flat shoes so you can dance the night away in comfort!
  9. Ring box/cushion – It seems almost too simple to forget, but no matter whether you have a ring bearer, or a groomsman taking care of the rings, don’t forget to bring the ring box or a pillow to keep your bands safe until they are firmly on your finger.
  10. Guestbook – A guestbook and pen can be an easy thing to forget to bring on your wedding day. It would be a shame not to have a way for your guests to leave their well-wishes, so why not assign someone in your family the task of bringing your guest book to the reception or if your décor is being left at your venue the day before, ask if your guest book can also be left overnight.
  11. Feed your suppliers – It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle bustle of a wedding, but don’t forget that there are people there that you have hired to make your day run smoothly and they get hungry too! It’s a long day at work for a wedding supplier, so don’t forget to include them in the numbers for your meal.
  12. Chargers – While we highly recommend unplugging from social media and all things technology related on your wedding day, your phone will be a useful way to take those all-important bridal party selfies, and to capture your guests enjoying themselves so a charger can be a useful thing to pack!. Make sure your phone is charged on the morning of the wedding, so you can make any necessary phone calls to vendors or so they can contact you should any issues arise.
  13. Bathroom baskets – Arranging some care packages to put in the bathrooms of your venue can be a lovely touch for your guests. Make up some baskets filled with useful items such as deodorant, baby wipes, safety pins, a sewing kit, aspirin, breath mints and hairspray. That way, should any accidents happen every eventuality is covered.
  14. Cater for the kids – It’s hard to beat the sound of a laughing, happy child at a wedding, but a tired, cranky or bored child at a wedding is something else. Keep the kids at your wedding entertained by arranging some child-friendly activities to keep them out of mischief! Colouring books and pencils, a sweetie table, or some giant outdoor activities are great ways of keeping the little ones smiling all day long.
  15. Passport – If you are planning on going on honeymoon shortly after the wedding, it’s likely that you will be travelling using a passport with your maiden name. Don’t forget to book your holiday using the exact name that is stated on your passport. A honeymoon at home would be one to remember for all the wrong reasons!

{Featured image: Gillian Williams via Love My Dress}